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Perhaps someday I'll be a cellular carrier :)

But I'd also like to bring a public *Signal only* access point online
(that's been difficult for many reasons)...securely dumping all that
traffic into a known competent datacenter (not my personal IP). With the
right hardware - believe I could illuminate a 1/2 mile area here.

Then people would have choices. Near untraceable dump into the PSTN, or
the real security of Signal to Signal. _No internet or cell carrier
subscription required_.

The real problem with these schemes is limiting them to "communications
only" as opposed to craps who just wanna do illegal downloads :( You're
not gonna get volunteers if they're constantly subject to DCMA
shakedowns. No one wants that grief.

Would be nice if I could get every NRA member to do something like this
:) Believe it's doable....just requires some rich boy seed money to fund
the booth at their annual convention - and a real plan. Can't be a
propellerhead project...needs to be plug and play. Not everyone who
fears for our constitutional freedoms is up to running something like
this. They'd want to help - but how?

Suspect many NRA members would pony up for such systems - writing a
check right on the convention floor. Piggybacking such an effort for
Signal would be the right thing to do.

*Operatives -- for those interested in or operating WOM gateways*


*About Operatives* 	
English (USA)

WOM is a community-run radio network that allows people to chat over
long distances with their peers. WOM gateways let users reach peers over
the Internet, similar to the cell network, but with more freedom and
privacy. This list is for people who want to run or currently run a gateway.

To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the
Operatives Archives <http://wom.community/pipermail/operatives/>.

What is Soprani.ca?

a bridge to people on the phone network:

a way to contact them over the Internet, no carrier needed

using normal text/picture messages and calls

has been built (for CA/US anyway): https://jmp.chat/

a replacement for the cellular network itself:

the part that transmits calls/messages/data over the air...

... hasn't been built yet, so we're working on that now: WOM

The bridge: JMP

JMP gives you a real phone number that is Internet-enabled

you can use your phone number from an app or web browser

you don't need to pay a cell carrier if you don't want to

or switch to data-only and save some money ($23/mo total)

Benefits: security, privacy, and more

if friends insist on SMS, JMP encrypts so your carrier can't see

if you go WOM-only, carriers can't track where you are

if on LTE, still harder to track you by phone number if using JMP

WOM gives you control: network stays up if power/cell goes down

great for journalists, activism, and disaster resiliency

and it saves a lot of money today, using JMP with data-only plan

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